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Executive Training
— Team Quest

...a unit within University of Oklahoma Outreach, equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective.

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Executive Training
— Team Quest

300 Kellogg Drive
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Phone: (405) 325-6303
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Team Development

group of people on the floor working togetherImprove the way team members interact and you improve their ability to solve problems.

Training programs can range from three hours to multiple day workshops. The focus is on intact workgroups or people from the same company.

ETTQ offers team building experiences designed to build trust, confidence and teamwork while producing better communication, improved productivity and increased effectiveness.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” - Henry Ford

  • Identify four strategic styles of processing information
  • Explore stages of team development
  • Improve processes for team problem solving

a group of people reaching up in the airThis program offers participants opportunities to interact while learning more about themselves and others. Activities are designed to allow teams not only to investigate and refine how they solve problems, but also to develop new ideas and strategies for the workplace. Participants will be provided with action learning experiences to be related to situations at work. The goal is for this to be an ongoing learning process as opposed to a one-time event.

I-Opt Instrument
The I-Opt Instrument (Input-Output) helps predict the behavior of groups or teams without the use of psychology. According to Dr. Gary Salton, creator of the assessment, effective behavior of groups can be encouraged using sociological tools that adjust relationships and not people. The I-Opt is a self-report instrument that focuses on how people take in, process and act on information. One of the many benefits of using the I-Opt instrument is that teams can receive reports on how their team deals with information and what are specific ways to encourage more effective behavior.

a group of smiling peopleExemplary Leadership Practices Workshop

Leadership is about influence and self-discovery. This program highlights the skills great leaders use to enable teams to accomplish incredible results.

We focus on five leadership practices that help participants become better leaders. Fundamental to these practices is the idea that leadership can occur at any level within the organization from the frontline supervisor to the executive level.

Starting with a ‘360 degree feedback’ instrument, participants are given written feedback from supervisors, coworkers, and direct reports. This feedback is useful for recognizing areas where the leader is strong and identifying areas for improvement.


  • Learn five practices of exemplary leadership
  • Receive feedback about current leadership practices
  • Create an action plan for continuing leadership development
  • Identify individual communication styles
  • Receive feedback about team members’ styles
  • Discuss communication strengths and opportunities for improvement

Communication is central to developing effective interpersonal relationships. When we relate, we are communicating in order to exchange understanding. In this program, participants will complete an assessment and receive feedback on their personal style of communication.

This feedback, used with experiential exercises, will increase participants’ awareness of how they communicate. They will see how their style fits with other members of their work group and explore strengths and weaknesses in team interaction. The focus will be on how to apply this new knowledge and improve organizational communication.

  • Define why even the best teams sometimes struggle small group of people listening to a speaker
  • Identify steps to overcome these common hurdles
  • Practice exceptional team skills

This training is based on the book that shows how building a strong team is both possible and remarkably simple, but extremely difficult. It uses a straightforward diagnostic tool for helping you evaluate your team’s susceptibility to the five dysfunctions of a team.

This interactive training allows team members to examine their current situation and opportunities to practice effective team skills. Each participant that attends receives a copy of the book – 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.



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