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Executive Training
— Team Quest

...a unit within University of Oklahoma Outreach, equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective.

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Executive Training
— Team Quest

300 Kellogg Drive
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Phone: (405) 325-6303
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Ropes — Ground and Low Elements

Options available:

  • Half-day program up to 3.5 hours
  • Full-day program up to 7 hours

This low challenge course is a program of initiatives and low elements.

a team of individuals working togetherThe low challenge course centers on teambuilding activities that bring out participants’ personality styles and leadership qualities. The low elements are those that are built near the ground. The safety system used in low elements is group spotting.

Participants are taught spotting techniques to enable them to give emotional and physical support to teammates. The low elements are group-based, problem-solving activities designed to promote effective group interaction. These activities provide team members and leaders with opportunities to explore and experiment with strategies for powerful teamwork.

Discussion following each activity focuses on the interaction between participants. Depending on desired learning outcomes, the half-day events are designed to highlight a wide range of team challenges, from detailed analytical planning to improvisation on the fly. This program can be held at our course or we can bring our equipment to your site.


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