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Executive Training
— Team Quest

...a unit within University of Oklahoma Outreach, equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective.

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Executive Training
— Team Quest

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Ropes — High Elements

Options available:

  • Full-day program up to 7 hours
  • Two-day program

This low and high challenge course includes the initiatives and low elements in addition to the option of the high elements.

a woman wearing a hard hat, climbing a telephone pole during the full day challenge courseThe program starts out with activities which provide group members opportunities to begin to feel comfortable with each other in this setting. The next step is the de-inhibitizer activities where participants are able to take some risks as well as make improvements in commitment and allow themselves to laugh.

Communication and problem solving initiatives are then used to help in testing and strengthening the ability of the group to communicate, follow instructions and solve mentally difficult problems. For those groups needing more physical challenges, the high elements are an additional option.

The high elements, 25-30 feet high, focus on individual achievement and development with appropriate group support from teammates. Participants are not compared to each other. What might be easy for one person might be difficult for the next. Completing an element on the course can enhance the self-confidence of participants who have exceeded their pre-conceived limits.

The high elements course opens doors for sharing real-life challenges and identifies ways to support each other. Ropes attached to the participants are used as the safety system for all high elements. Although perceived risk may be high, these activities are safe and led by certified instructors.


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