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University of Oklahoma Outreach, College of Continuing Education


Executive Training
— Team Quest

...a unit within University of Oklahoma Outreach, equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective.

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Executive Training
— Team Quest

300 Kellogg Drive
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Phone: (405) 325-6303
(800) 522-0772, ext. 6303

Email: ETTQ email


Ropes Course — Team Quest Challenge Course

Half-Day, Full-Day and Two-Day Challenge Course Adventures

Highly active and interactive, Team Quest's experience-based learning courses and activities are energizing, confidence-building, trust-enhancing, and mentally challenging.

  • Indoor and/or oudoor challenge course programs

Activities are designed to be within the capability of anyone in reasonably good health. Although they can be physically demanding at times, they are not military style initiatives and do not require unusual endurance. Activities are accessible to include participants of all physical abilities. Participants must complete a Medical Release form to attend. These programs are designed:

  • to fit the client's training needs and address the group process and bonding sides of teambuilding
  • to enable participants to work as a team outside of their normal day to day work duties therefore challenging them to find solutions, delegate responsibilities and support one another.

a man helping a person climb up a wallSeveral options are available to groups which utilize both indoor and outdoor classrooms.

  • Half-Day Program
    Up to 3.5 hours, includes initiatives and low elements only.
  • Full-Day Program
    Up to 7 hours, includes the initiatives and low elements in addition to the option of the high elements.
  • Two-Day Program
    An in-depth program looking at several aspects of the relationships between employees; includes initiatives, low elements, option of high elements, and classroom instruction.

Highly qualified staff:

  • All certified challenge course instructors
  • Together, the staff has more than 45-plus years of experience in challenge course and experience-based learning
  • Memberships in ATD, Association for Experiential Education, Association for Challenge Course Technology, Oklahoma Challenge Course Network
  • Academic credentials in education, psychology, and human relations

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